Madness to Johnny Depp!!!

sábado, outubro 03, 2009

Hi everybody who’s Johnny Depp lovers!
I’m Jackeline from Curitiba, Paraná, south Brazil.
Well, my love for Johnny happened deeply in two thousand four while I saw The Pirates of the Caribbean with my daughter, Mylena. Since then we are fighting in a “battle” for showing our “madness” for him. We did even a second version for the second part of the film. We aren’t writter, I’m just a modest teacher that help adults to write and read, by this moment.
I’ll show to the world how two fans from Brazil are trying to find their idol, to show him their tribute for all Johnny’s (Captain Jack Sparrow) made for both of us.
We have a lot of photos to show to everybody.
Our search to find our angel Johnny began five years ago, but we aren’t going to give up!
Nevermind it takes five, ten or twenty years or every more, we are certain that one day we are going to be face to face with him.
“Only who has faith can make a dream come true”.
Friendly we embrace all wishing light and peace in your heart.


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