Madness to Johnny Depp!!!

sexta-feira, janeiro 15, 2010

There are different moments in your life when, engrossed in problems,
you feel ignored and think nobody knows the troubles you bear.

God knows.

Sometimes you may feel desperately unhappy and totally deserted.
Still you will not be alone. God knows the reason of your suffering.

When, in deep anxiety and abused and detracted by slander, you wish
to abandon your task, put your faith in God, and wait.

God knows why this must be so.

Surprised by a cruel fate which thwarts your most cherished plans,
do not give yourself up to revolt and do not despair.

God knows what is best for you.

Crucified by a disease of unknown cause, bow your
head in prayer and wait a little more.

God knows your disease is a path to future happiness.

God knows everything!

Just let yourself be guided by Him; seek attunement to His mercy and wisdom,
do the best you can, and leave a trace of light along the road you travel.

For such is the attitude of the one who has put himself in the hands of God,
and whom in God shall progress.

Joanna de Angelis

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Luciana Kotaka disse...

Veja amiga, vai adorar a notícia do nosso amado Johnny!